We’ve talked before about why it’s important to use great images in your marketing campaign, but did you know that it could help your SEO as well? Today we’ll cover how professionally shot product images and videos can help boost your search engine ranking and help convert leads.

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Make the most out of your images with smart SEO strategies. Images and text work together to improve your SEO as long as you know the basic rules of how Google reads a website. Google reads text, tags and image names, but nothing within the image itself. While this may sound like bad news, it’s actually a great way to find and create new fans. For instance, perhaps someone is researching custom carpeting in your area. They might not have heard of your company, but by giving your image a title that includes “custom carpeting” and the name of your local area, you could come up in their Google search results. In this case, image quality is the difference between that client developing a relationship with your business or moving on to your competition. Don’t forget that the product descriptions that go with each image should be equally professional and utilize a matching set of keywords to avoid any potential SEO related confusion.

Investing in professional images helps you stand out from the competition.
Great images are becoming more and more valuable online, so it’s important to make sure that your images are of the highest quality. A beautiful dress can look dull and dingy in the wrong light and a lack of professional photographic equipment can make even the most delicious dish look bland and boring. Make sure to consult with a photographer or firm that understands your brand image and your marketing needs so you can make the most of your next marketing campaign.


Use new technology to make the most of your images on social media.
Social media sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram can make it harder to keep control of your images, but several services have popped up recently to help companies make sure that their images are leading back to them. Signing up for services like Rich Pins, and using tasteful watermarking will help ensure that your images funnel traffic back to your website.

Professional images help with press coverage.
Professional image sets can also be used to pitch bloggers and lead even more traffic back to your website. Many consumers now buy products based on personal recommendations from blogs, which are a naturally image heavy medium. A great professionally shot image set can be the difference between coverage on a major blog and never getting a reply back from the blogger that you’ve pitched.

Investing in professional images will help improve your results with social media, spark conversations with your existing fans, and help improve your SEO results. In combination with well-written product descriptions and smart keywords, images can help win new fans and retain existing clients.

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