Did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text-based information? Humans have been conveying information in visual form since cave painting. The internet has allowed us to collect and study almost any subject in the world, so it’s no surprise that this excess of information has given rise to multiple forms of visual expression. You can read about anything in the world online, but wouldn’t you rather see an image that explains the same information in one third of the time?

Why should you use professional photographs and videos in your next marketing campaign?

Here are 5 reasons to incorporate videos and professional photographs into your next marketing campaign.

The Importance of Using Images & Video in Your Marketing Campaign1. Photographs and videos show realistic details that sell.
Much of what we experience these days comes through the internet – including what drives us to buy something or to experience something out in the real world. Well-produced photographs and videos give you the ability to connect with your clients on a new level. Whether you’re showing how beautifully the steak in your restaurant sizzles or just capturing a beautiful pattern on a piece of fabric, the right visual can make or break a marketing campaign.

2. Visual content encourages people to share.
This phenomenon is what has brought us the world of celebrity cats. It’s also something you can use to help get the word out about your brand without you lifting a finger. Using the perfect catchy song in your video or crafting the perfect marketing image can help skyrocket your brand out of obscurity and onto the world stage – all with the click of a button.

Visual Content: The Importance of Using Images & Video in Your Marketing Campaign

3. Photos help you harness the power of Pinterest and Instagram.
Sites like Pinterest have allowed us to all become lifestyle curators. Many people use sites like this to track their shopping, collect recipes and even decorate their homes. One eye catching photo that takes off on Pinterest or Instagram can drive incredible amounts of traffic to your website and to your business.

4. The most effective websites are built around photos and videos instead of text.
Text is important, but most websites these days are built around a series of striking images that rotate on a regular basis. Without smart images that pop and capture your brand, your website is a step behind everyone else. Luckily, investing in great images will also give you fuel for social media campaigns and online interaction that will help your fan base grow.

Visual Content: The Importance of Using Images & Video in Your Marketing Campaign5. Videos and photographs are the best way to show the heart of your brand.
Consumers now use the internet to make snap judgments about brands based on a series of short interactions, so why not use a powerful image to make the most of your five seconds of time with a new client? An image that is off-putting will stick in a potential client’s head just as long as a beautiful one will, so make sure you’re using your images to show your brand as it really is.

Are you using images and videos in your current marketing campaigns? What have the results been?


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